Business Vehicle
  • Dangerous Chemicals Transportation Semitrailer

    A full set of advanced equipment for the aluminum tanker introduction was introduce,d including Italian Faccin tank rolling machine, American Multicam CNC milling machine, automated open welding machine, circumferential welding machine, automated longitudinal seam welding machine, imported KENBEE manual welding machine and etc. Generally using high strength steel plate and aluminum alloy sheet, the liquid tank transporter with aluminum alloy made tank reduces the overall vehicle mass by about 30% than carbon steel tank transporter, which meets the requirement of green, environmental protection, energy saving and light weight.

  • Construction Truck

    In order to cope with environmental challenges and common air pollution, Haili Meida construction dump truck develops in direction of environmental protecting and intelligent managed construction residue transportation, ensuring complete closure of the urban residue transportation vehicle carriage and achieving a full range of intelligent management. In addition, multi-series carriages such as heavy load and highway transportation are developed to meet the different transportation requirements for industrial and mining transportation type dump truck products.

  • Wagon Transport Semitrailer

    Haili Meida wagon transport semitrailer has advanced features such as American mainstream aluminum riveted structure ensuring installation and maintenance convenience, high strength ultra-light I-shaped beam bottom offering effectively reduction of self-weight, embedded overall traction disk structure expanding interior space, aluminum alloy load-bearing frame structure guarantees capability of 35 tons of OAK floor and 7-ton forklift operation, carriage of high strength ultra-thin composite plate increasing the content volumn by 2%, streamline appearance effectively reducing wind resistance, high residual value (100% recyclable material) by environmental protection and durable material.

  • Refrigerated Truck

    The unique self-bearing type structure of Haili Meida refrigerated truck is consistent with design concept of Boeing/Airbus, which realizes the overall force of the carriage frame through special design techniques and highly strengthens the riveted carriage.




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